Students Share the Impact of SRLA Leaders!

Do you remember your favorite teacher or coach?

  • the one who listened?
  • the one who cared?
  • the one who made a difference?

For many SRLA students, they need not look further than their SRLA Leader to find their favorite.


Here’s how our students describe the impact of their SRLA Leaders:

Eladio at Gertz-Ressler Complex: “One way SRLA has helped me has been through giving me amazing coaches like Mrs. Edmond and Mr. Jimenez. Mr. Jimenez is such a goal-oriented and hard working man. He is someone you can really learn valuable life lessons from. Mrs. Edmond has a motherly instinct to push you to your best and support you. They both started my first SRLA practice with a mile run and I was dying the whole time. Slowly, and surly every day and week that passed, our mileage went up and we eventually reached twenty-something miles. This taught me that in order to accomplish my goals in life, I need to start small and then build from the ground up. Due to Mrs. Edmond’s and Mr. Jimenez’s leadership at the Gertz-Merkin Complex, I was able to meet my goals and for that I will be forever grateful to Students Run LA.”

Melissa at Elizabeth Learning Center: I owe so much of my success to my coaches and team. They truly believe in my full potential and what I can conquer with it. They inspire me to keep striving for good. My coaches aren’t just amazing coaches but amazing educators and I hope to one day be half the person they are… They’ve helped facilitate my transition to college and adulthood…”



Tommy at Chatsworth High School: “Being part of SRLA has taught me about the significance of perseverance and how scarce time is. Being an AP student, it is necessary for me to allow a large portion of my free time for studying and for work, but the long practices that Mrs. Hoch, our leader, gives us has demonstrated to me that I must balance all my activities and time. Mrs. Hoch has always praised me for my perseverance in attending practices despite my AP classes, but I wonder if she knows that it was my perseverance in SRLA that impacted my perseverance in academics and AP courses.”

Noah at Lawndale High School:My coach, Mr. Renteria, was a wonderful mentor for me. He would talk to me about running techniques, college, psychology, and life situations. I learned a lot from him.”


Mario at Bell High School: “Throughout the SRLA season, I look forward to school every day and my passion for attending a 4 year university increased. My marathon leader, Gabriel Sanchez, had a huge influence when I decided on my major. I have chosen the computer science major and, with it, I hope to innovate the world.”

Marisol at Sun Valley High School:Every single person I met in SRLA is a teacher to me. My coaches are some of the people that I look up to.”