Newsletters are listed in reverse chronological order. Past Newsletters available for download at bottom of page

June 2012 Newsletter

- Honda LA Marathon Recap

- 2-person Charity Relay

- Students Meet the Elites

- Leader Appreciation Dinner

March 2012 Newsletter

- Halfway Half Marathons
- 17th Annual Friendship Run
- Nike Shoe Distribution
- Donor Thank You


The following archived newsletters are downloadable PDF files:

December 2011 Newsletter (pdf)

June 2011 Newsletter (pdf)

March 2011 Newsletter (pdf)

December 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

June 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

March 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

December 2009 Newsletter (pdf)

July 2009 Newsletter (pdf)

May 2009 Newsletter (pdf)

February 2009 Newsletter (pdf)

October 2008 Newsletter (pdf)
May 2008 Newsletter (pdf)
February 2008 Newsletter (pdf)
December 2007 Newsletter (pdf)
October 2007 Newsletter (pdf)
December 2006 Newsletter (pdf)
October 2006 Newsletter (pdf)
February 2006 Newsletter (pdf)
November 2005 Newsletter (pdf)

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