Dayana: Friendship Run 15K @ Universal is a Wrap!

I thought that the last race at the City of La Puente was a cold race, but I was wrong. The morning of the 15k was much colder, and this time I didn’t have my sister to keep me warm. Therefore, as I was waiting for the race to begin I was jumping up and […]

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2015-11-14 12.37.14

Virgen: SRLA Team Support @ Universal 15K!

This recent Friendship 15K race that took place at the Universal Backlot is one of my favorite races while training for the Los Angeles Marathon! Valentine’s Day seems right around the corner, and the Universal race is an important step in our training! What I enjoyed about this race is running side-by-side my teammates throughout […]

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Team SRLA Spotlight: Gina Orduna

Gina Orduna is a member of Team SRLA. We caught up with Gina and asked her some questions about her experience and how she got involved with Students Run LA. Enjoy! How did you find out about SRLA? My brother-in law, Fernando Orduna, who was a teacher at Venice High School an a team leader […]

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SRLA 10k-1

Dayana: Memorable 10K!

This past 10k was a memorable experience. Besides having my SRLA team by my side, I also had my family. I laid my running clothes next to my bed the night before the race to make my morning routine flow faster. Since my family was attending, I was very excited because for the first time […]

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Saturday Rescue!

“I was really proud of my kids,” remarked Marvin Rodriguez, a Spanish teacher at Cleveland High School, as he recalled the events of this past weekend. On Saturday morning, students and their teachers from Magnolia Science Academy and Cleveland High School were training on Temescal Canyon Fire Road. They were planning to do a simple […]

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Virgen: Worth the 4 a.m. Wake Up Call!

  Why do I wake up at four on a Sunday morning while all my friends are asleep? I wake up for Students Run LA to enjoy my race with my team and Students Run LA competitors from across our city! The 10k race on Sunday was a success which I enjoyed seeing runners dressing up […]

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green run

Jackelyn: Still Setting Goals!

Set your goals! These three words still resonate with Jackelyn Valladares, a 12-year alumna of SRLA. Upon seeing this Instagram post, Jackelyn immediately responded with a message of her deepest thanks. “If it wasn’t for SRLA, I would not [be] the person I am today.” Beginning her run with the program as a freshman at […]

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Group Photo crop

Still Excited for the SRLA Kick-off 5K Run!

First joining SRLA in 7th grade, Dayana, a senior at Torres High School, reflects on the first race of the season: This past 5k race was a race where everyone was full of excitement and you can see it on the faces of the teenagers and this made me feel joy. It was a pretty […]

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Student Runner of the Month!

Meet Monica – SRLA Runner of the Month for September! Monica says: When I first joined SRLA, I wasn’t really thinking about why I wanted to join but now that I look back on it I realize that it had a lot to do with my brother. He ran 3 marathons and I always marveled at […]

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Student Start 2015 5K

Marlen: This Time @ SRLA Kick-Off 5K!

You might be wondering why would a high school student want to train for a marathon, won’t that add more responsibilities to his/her to plate? Hi my name is Marlen, I am a sophomore at Sun Valley Magnet School. I would like to start off by saying that SRLA is such an awe-inspiring program not […]

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